About us

Historical banknotes

Historical banknotes have been a part of my life for over 30 years and during that time I was lucky enough to hold in my hands the rarest notes from the Czechoslovakia (5000 CZK 1919 in the perfect UNC condition), Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (500 Gulden 1816) or from all over the world (Zanzibar 500 Rupees 1920) and of course a number of other beautiful and rare banknotes. Thanks to the banknotes, I had and still have the opportunity to meet a number of interesting people, including collectors and professional legends. I want to gain my experience, knowledge and contacts through Bankovky.com s.r.o. use it for you when building your banknote collection or, conversely, when selling it in the best possible way.

Our services

  • Auction – I am organizing the auctions with local and international participation focused only on the historical paper money, there is a printed color catalog for each auction, which I provide to clients and suppliers completely free of charge. The price conditions of the auction sale are prepared and discussed individually for each supplier. Of course, not all banknotes are suitable for auction sale and it is possible to get a better price through one of the following forms of direct sale

  • Commission sale – I am using my long-term contacts with leading Czech and foreign collectors and for a fee (up to 10%) I mediate the sale of your banknotes directly to a specific collector or investor. The advantage of commission sales is the speed of sales while maximizing the price.

  • Direct sale / Private treaty – I will buy individual banknotes and/or entire banknotes collections for the maximum possible price. Direct sale is especially suitable for larger quantities of banknotes from one piece, when the sale by auction or commission sale by one piece would take too long.

  • Consulting – you are unsure about determining the authenticity, determining the preservation or determining the banknote according to international standard catalogs, I will be happy to help you free of charge, including comparing your banknote with another piece from my own collection.

  • Providing the opinion of the forensic expert – there is a long cooperation with the leading forensic experts in the field of Numismatics, specializing in the paper money. I will arrange for you the opinion of a forensic expert for cases where the opinion complies with the law or is requested by any other facts.

  • Please contact me with your questions.